The Band

Slow An Easy

Slow An Easy was formed at the end of January 2022. The concept was to be the best Whitesnake tribute that anyone has seen or heard. To reproduce the Whitesnake concert experience for everyone who is a fan of Whitesnake.

Everyone in the band is a huge fan of Whitesnake. We perform Whitesnakes greatest hits from the early days of Whitesnake, to Slip of the Toungue. We are the only Whitesnake tribute that plays the 87 album in its entirety.

Preliminary reviews from Whitesnake fans say "Wow you guys sound real, like the record!" As a band we are excited to bring the magic of Whitesnakes music to a venue near you soon.


Dave Hershey

Lead Guitars - Vocals

Dave Hershey / Lead Guitars And Vocals
Dave is former lead guitarist for Ohio’s legendary rock band “The GODZ” and has written and recorded many solo works. He’s toured with many tribute acts such as Strutter a KISS tribute. Theatre of Pain and many others. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and records all instruments on his recordings. Dave is also a talented studio\live engineer and has ran sound for over 50 National acts such as LA Guns and Jackyl and Buck Cherry.


Allan Marcus

Lead Guitars

Allan Marcus / Lead Guitars
Born into music, has been pursuing a lifelong career with the guitar. The road traveled has taken him around the United States several times over and in numerous countries. Taught lessons to esteemed musicians and has built or worked on the guitars of prominent musicians the world over.


Neil Hamilton

Keyboards / Vocals

Neil Hamilton/ Keyboards And Vocals
Neil Hamilton has played piano and keyboards since age 5. He also sings and is classically trained and has studied Jazz. Neil prefers Yamaha and Korg Keyboards. Neil has been playing live since the 8th grade. Some bands include, The Sickness, Retroactive, Angered Orchestra, Heart & Soul A Tribute To Huey Lewis.


Chuck Dobbins


Chuck Dobbins / Drums
Chuck has been a staple in the NE Ohio rock scene since 1979. He’s a veteran of countless festivals, theaters and venues across many states east of the Mississippi. He’s toured abroad with bands in countries such as Korea. Playing drums for many bands like FMA, Alester Wild , The Hellfire Club Sunset Riot and Motley Crue tribute ”Theatre of Crue”. His great timing and thunderous drumming along with John’s bass are the rock that holds down Slow and Easy.


John Burlingame

Bass / Vocals

John Burlingame / Bass And Vocals
Johnny has been performing in bands before he even had a driver’s license. In the 80’s and early 90’s, he played in well known Akron/Cleveland bands such as; Rattle Bratt, Bad Madam, Tame, Kidd Wicked and Gravity Tank. 20 years later in 2010, he was pulled out of rock n roll retirement, by former Tame Bandmate Stormin Norman and they created the popular cover band, Raised on Rock. They had a successful 10 year run prior to the pandemic. Itching to get back out playing, he gladly accepted the position as bassist for Slow and Easy. Johnny is a solid bassist and singer. He provides stellar harmonies which give the band the full sound which Whitesnake is known for.


Tom Brady


Tom Brady / Vocals
Tom has been a vocalist and multi instrumentalist(guitar, bass, keyboards, drums)for 40+ years. Tom has a long history in the Ohio music scene. He has sang and or played in numerous projects including tributes to Skid Row, Journey, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Heart, Pat Benatar, Guns and Roses as well as cover and original bands.

Slow an easy

The next best thing to a Whitesnake show itself is seeing Slow An Easy perform their Whitesnake tribute show. We hope you love Whitesnake as much as we do and will come out and see us at a venue near you. We call it an experience for a reason. We have taken the time to be able to reproduce some of Whitesnakes biggest hits from the 70s 80s and 90s. Those great vocals, those huge wailing guitars, the driving bass and the pounding thunder on the drums. We play the entire 87 album so you know you will be sure to hear all your favorite Whitesnake songs at a Slow An Easy show. You will be amazed at how accurate this musical reproduction is. Book your Calendar now to see Slow An Easy – The Whitesnake Experience and relive some of the greatest hair metal of the 80s with us!